1. Diamond Engagement Ring
2. Pearl Necklace
3. Wristwatch
4. Colored Gemstone/Diamond Ring
5. Diamond Bracelet
6. Antique Dangle Earrings
7. Vintage Diamond/Colored Gemstone Ring
8. Pair Diamond Studs
9. Simple Gold Necklace
10. Diamond Hoops
11. Pair Pearl Studs
12. Designer Jewelry



2.6 grams lady’s stamped 14k yellow gold, white gold and round diamond solitaire engagement ring; bright polish rounded profile shank measures about 2mm wide center bottom and widens slightly to about 3mm at the top, where it connects on both sides to a 14k white gold cast four prong head holding one round brilliant cut diamond, measuring about 6.45mm by 6.49mm by 4.15mm deep, weight estimated about 1.02 carats; 57% table; 60.8% total depth; no culet; medium to slightly thick girdle, faceted and polished; medium blue fluorescence (LWUVL); approximately H color and SI-2 clarity (small black crystals eye visible in corner of table; white feathers in pavilion near culet may also be eye visible under certain lighting conditions). Value: $6500.

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Necklace containing 85 Japanese akoya cultured pearls, measuring from 7.5mm to 8mm, 21.5 inches in length; light-medium nacre; average luster; most pearls well-matched round shapes; some pearls slightly out-of-round; silver-white body color; some pearls exhibit faint rose overtone; lightly blemished; even drill holes; strung with knots; 14k yellow gold traditional filigree style clasp. Value: $1800.

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Men’s stainless steel Tag Heuer wrist watch; Racing Chrome Collection; date window at 4 o’clock; second-hand; black dial; chrome bezel; stainless steel hinged link bracelet with deployant buckle; 12 jewel Swiss quartz movement, serial number tep-875-41; reference number TH 344590; case serial number: 7762130.; water resistant to 200 meters. Value: $2450.

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7.2 grams lady’s cast and fabricated stamped platinum, sapphire and diamond classic 3 stone right hand ring; rounded profile bright polish cast shank measures from 2.1mm wide center bottom and widens slightly to 3.45mm where it connects on both sides to two fabricated four prong wire heads holding a matched pair of faceted trapezoid diamonds, each measuring about 5.8mm by 5.2mm by 2.45mm deep, total weight of the pair about .80 carat, F color, one is VS2 clarity, the other is SI-2 clarity (black crystals in pavilion eye visible). These diamonds flank the raised four fabricated platinum wire prongs which hold one oval faceted transparent sapphire measuring about 11.8mm by 6.54mm by 3.98mm deep, weight estimated about 5.65 carats; medium to deep pure blue color, highly saturated and evenly distributed across the top of the stone with small center window; color and clarity enhanced by heat; minimally included with a tiny fingerprint inclusion remaining in one corner of the stone; geographic origin: Sri Lanka. The diamonds are set at slight angles to the center sapphire, just under the sapphire’s girdle, with no air space between the stones. Value: $55,000.

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10.72 grams lady’s stamped 750 18k yellow gold, white gold and diamond straight line bracelet, measuring about 7.25 inches in length; white gold plunger catch with under snap safety. This bracelet is designed with white gold parallel bars holding 23 round brilliant cut diamonds alternating with 23 Asscher cut diamonds. It is manufactured as a cast single flexible piece. All 46 diamonds measure about 3mm diameter. Total weight of the round diamonds about 2.45 carats, E color and VS-1-2 clarity; total weight of the Asscher cut diamonds about 2.88 carats; E color and VVS2 to SI-1 clarity, averaging VS-1 clarity. Value: $18,500.

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17.3 grams lady’s pair sterling silver and 14k yellow gold and diamond antique earrings; made in England without hallmark, Georgian period, circa 1785. These earrings measure 2.75 inches from top to bottom. Each contains a modern 14k white gold French screw back attachment. These earrings are designed with two crown style floral ornaments atop, each measuring about 8mm diameter, each with 8 prongs. The two earrings hold two old mine cut diamonds, 5.9mm each, depths cannot be measured in settings, total weight estimated about 1.50 carats, J color and SI-1 clarity. Small round connecting rings attach the top floral ornaments to the bottom dangling sections. These are manufactured with sterling silver tops and 14k yellow gold under bezel support wires and are designed as tear drops, each measuring about 12mm long by 7.5mm wide. Each tear drop contains a round cluster containing 16 bead set old mine cut and European cut diamonds, average 2mm each, total weight of both clusters about 1.00 carats, IJ color and SI-2 clarity. Value: $9800.

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7.4 grams lady’s cast and fabricated platinum, diamond and opal vintage ring, manufactured in the United States; circa 1930. The cast comfort fit bright polish shank measures about 2.2mm wide center bottom and gradually widens to about 2.9mm wide at the top. The top of this ring is designed with a center prong set opal surrounded by prong set European cut diamonds. There are 24 European cut diamonds, averaging 3.2mm each, total weight about 2.75 carats, E color and VS1-2 clarity. These diamonds surround the center natural black opal, origin Lightning Ridge, Australia. This opal measures about 13.5mm long by 8.9mm wide by 5.7mm deep, weight about 7.45 carats. Vivid play of color may be viewed throughout the stone. There are no milky areas and no dark areas without bright color. All six colors are represented, including red, orange and yellow, the rarest group, and blue, green and violet, the most common group. The colors originate deep within the stone and represent the classic harlequin pattern of geometric shapes. The predominant colors are red, orange and green, and these appear to move slightly as the viewer’s head or an overhead light source moves. Value: $135,000.

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Lady’s pair cast 14k white gold and round diamond stud style pieced earrings, threaded posts, jumbo screw backs. Four prongs hold a pair of round brilliant cut diamonds. One measures about 6.18mm diameter, depth cannot be measured in setting, weight estimated about 1.06 carats; 56% table; extraordinarily thick and frosted girdle; no culet; G color and I-2 clarity (white cleavage runs from star facet and opens onto girdle cavity, partially covered by a prong); medium blue fluorescence (LWUVL). The second round brilliant cut diamond measures about 6.4mm, depth cannot be measured in setting, weight estimated about 1.02 carats; 59% table; medium to slightly thick polished and faceted girdle; no culet; H color and I-2 clarity (two large feathers jut out from girdle into pavilion and large cloud of white crystals eye visible under table); strong blue fluorescence (LWUVL). When viewed in sunlight, the brilliance and fire of both diamonds is reduced due to the strength of the blue fluorescence in each stone, which is activated by the ultraviolet wavelengths present in the sun. Value: $4800.

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26.8 grams lady’s stamped 18k yellow gold bright polish rounded profile omega necklace; 17.25 inches in length; 6mm uniform width; 14k white gold plunger catch with double yellow gold figure eight side safeties. Value: $2800.

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8.7 grams pair stamped 14k white gold and diamond hoop style pierced earrings; measuring about ¾ of an inch from top to bottom. Each earring is designed with 5 14k white gold 4 prong wire heads all cast in a single curve to form the earring. The 10 heads hold 10 round brilliant cut diamonds, 3.2mm each, total weight about 1.20 carats, GH color and SI-2 clarity. The diamonds are cut with small tables and thick and frosted girdles; threaded posts and medium size screw on backs. Value: $2500.

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Pair 14k white gold and Japanese akoya cultured pearl stud style pierced earrings; posts; medium size friction backs, holding a matched pair of akoya cultured pearls, one measuring 7.4mm, the other measure 7.8mm; both pearls exhibit light nacre and low to average luster; one pearl shows silver-white body color, the other pearl exhibits a faint whitish cream body color; both pearls show a faint celadon overtone; one pearl lightly blemished while the second pearl contains a small hole that extends to the nucleus; both pearls exhibit well-matched round shapes. Value: $115.

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6.3 grams lady’s platinum and diamond engagement ring, designed and manufactured by Jack Kelege. The heavily engraved shank measures 2.2mm wide center bottom and widens to 3.4mm wide at the top. The shank is constructed with a flat top and straight sides slightly angled. All 3 sides of the shank, full around the ring, are hand-engraved with a classic fleur-de-lis pattern. The top of the ring is designed with two transparent hexagonal diamonds, each set into a fabricated platinum six prong wire head, each measuring about 5.4mm by 2.6mm deep, total weight about .72 carat, DE color and VVS1-2 clarity. These diamonds flank the raised 8 prong fabricated platinum head which holds the center classic emerald cut diamond. In-between the prongs beneath the head the fabricated wires create double adjacent hearts with a piercing arrow. The shaft of the arrow is studded with round single cut diamonds and the triangular arrowheads each contain one triangle cut pure red Burma ruby. The emerald cut diamond measures 9.4mm by 5.9mm by 3.65mm deep, weight 1.85 carats; 65% table; 62.7% total depth; thin to medium girdle, faceted and polished, thin culet; inert fluorescence (LWUVL); E color and VVS-2, all as described on the Gemological Institute of America Gem Trade Laboratory identification report number 14986621, a copy of which is appended to and made part of this appraisal report. The emerald cut diamond is set with 8 prongs divided into 4 pairs. Each pair of prongs flanks each cut corner. Value: $46,450.


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