Appraising Jewelry While Customers Sit with Me

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For all customers who either make appointments or just walk into my office to have jewelry identified and appraised, I have my customer sit with me while I examine, measure, photograph and perform my appraisal. This creates 100% security for my clients, who then depart with their pieces when the examination ends. I follow up with research, preparation of the report and then emailing, faxing and or mailing the appraisal same day or the following day, depending on the number of pieces and length of the final report.

In addition to security, I like my customers to talk about their pieces. This is especially helpful if we are dating them for the report. Some customers express opinions as to the identification of the gemstones, perhaps something they were told by older family members or even by another jeweler over the years. This is all important to me, as even for a simple appraisal, the customer deserves to be treated like he/she is spending a million dollars on a famous gemstone.

There are lots of reasons the public chooses me as their appraiser:

  • In order to identify and value a center gemstone
  • To confirm representations made by other jewelers about the quality/size of gemstones
  • To appraise jewelry like engagement rings bought online
  • To review laboratory reports on gemstones and add quality information to the appraisal
  • To insure an item on their homeowner or renter’s policy
  • To sell an item on an internet auction website
  • To sell an item by consigning it to a jeweler who accepts consignment for the purpose of resale
  • Learning how to divide jewelry among family members, treating each recipient equally
  • Learning how to receive a deduction by donating jewelry to a charity
  • Learning how to borrow money using the jewelry as collateral
  • Learning how to value jewelry in the event of a divorce
  • Learning how to value jewelry in the event of a death in the family, so that the pieces can be distributed throughout the family and many others.

In the 21st century, some families have purchased lots of colored gemstones, collecting them often from TV sellers. They want to know the true value of what they own and often how to sell part or all of the collections. This type of appointment has become more and more common the past 15 years.

I have been appraising and teaching the art and science of appraising for almost 40 years. I welcome emails or phone calls with questions, for appointments, or letting me know that you are coming by sometime during the next couple of days.

Looking forward to identifying and appraising your jewelry while you sit with me …


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  1. Heather Meikenhous says:

    I’m a wholesale account, (Lee Associates) who has been in business for about 16 years on and off selling colored stones and custom jewelry. I need a appraisal for the entire lot. Michael from Waldo’s who does some of my benchwork said you work with other business on a wholesale basis. Can you tell me how you charge? Per the piece or a discount for a certain number of pieces etc.?

    Cell#: 816-304-5403

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