Mikimoto is clearly the most recognized pearl brand in the jewelry industry. The company grows pearls in Japan and other parts of the world, designs pearl jewelry, and sells their necklaces, earrings, bracelets and jewelry through their own retail stores around the globe, as well as to retail jewelers who then sell to their own clients. Mikimoto does grade their pearls, and their grading system is often used by authorized retailers to teach their clients about Mikimoto pearl quality.

Mikimoto farms produce all qualities of cultured pearls, from the heaviest nacre, most gorgeous necklaces of Japanese Akoya beads, Tahitian black pearls and South Sea cultured pearls to very common commercial quality strands and pierced earrings sold by many of their retail accounts. Because of their marketing, many clients ask for Mikimoto pearls, not really knowing why, but presuming they are fine quality.

Many jewelers sell generic cultured pearl jewelry, some of which is just as fine as the top grades from Mikimoto. Depending on the harvest and the availability of fine quality necklaces, generally Mikimoto pearls are substantially more expensive that duplicate size and quality non-branded generic pearls.

Despite this, Mikimoto continues to represent high quality pearls and very fine pearl designed jewelry in the international jewelry industry. In addition, not every city has jewelers who are experts in pearl quality analysis and who buy for their stores the same higher quality strands sold by Mikimoto.


Like all gemstones, quality differences in pearl necklaces of the same size create significant ranges of cost. Here are some examples using the most popular Japanese Akoya cultured pearl:

6mm to 6.5mm, 18 inches — $300 to $3500.
6.5mm to 7mm, 18 inches — $400 to $4000.
7mm to 7.5mm, 18 inches — $500 to $5000.
7.5mm to 8mm, 18 inches — $600 to $6500.
8mm to 8.5mm, 18 inches — $700 to $8000.
8.5mm to 9mm, 18 inches — $800 to $12,000.
9mm to 9.5mm, 18 inches — $1000 to $16,000.

14k white gold friction back stud pierced earrings
6mm to 6.5mm — $30 to $120.
6.5mm to 7mm — $45 to $140.
7mm to 7.5mm — $60 to $220.
7.5mm to 8mm — $80 to $320.
8mm to 8.5mm — $100 to $560.
8.5mm to 9mm — $120 to $1480.
9mm to 9.5mm — $150 to $2400.



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