A Gift of Pearls: INEXPENSIVELY, the Most Beautiful and Important Gem in History

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The 20th century witnessed the development of the Japanese cultured pearl, and the great achievement made by Koichi Mikimoto in the development of pearl farming, making pearls available to consumers the world-over. The Japanese pearl, cultured from the Akoya mollusk, became the mainstay of pearl jewelry, and continues to this day to represent the highest quality of pearls and pearl jewelry.

In the last decades of the 20th century, China began its experiments to develop pearls of similar size and beauty. In 2016, Chinese cultured pearls compete with the Japanese earrings and necklaces, and the best of the Chinese crop are indeed pearls of great beauty and so far, minimal cost.

Pearl stud earringsPearl necklacePearl earrings

I choose each pearl for its shape, luster and color, and then match them with precision when I make earrings. Chinese freshwater cultured pearls like those in my pictured earrings allow my customers to purchase large button pearls for a fraction of the cost of their Japanese and South Sea counterparts. I stock these earrings in sizes from 8mm to 14mm, and prices from $65 to $450. These represent the top end of the Chinese production and quality for quality, they cost 1/3 to 1/10th of their competitors in Japan, Australia and Myanmar.

Stop by and try on sets of these pearls, and you will discover why this gem retained its place as the most important gem historically. No gemstone has beauty quite like them.

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