Tom Tivol Jewels is a highly respected center for the repair and restoration of jewelry and timepieces, whether purchased from stores, on the Internet, at auction, from individuals or acquired through inheritance. Our jewelers excel in the simplest repairs to the most complex restoration work.

Jewelry Repairs

  • We can repair all types of jewelry from antique and estate to modern styles — from costume jewelry to exceptional pieces with important gemstones.
  • We can also repair all types of metals, including silver, all colors and karats of gold, the platinum family of metals, gold-filled and gold-plated pieces and costume jewelry.
  • Most simple repairs require 1 to 4 days; complex repairs can take from 4 days to 2 weeks.
  • In certain instances, repair costs may be provided by phone, although it’s important that we see the item before determining the exact repair cost. The total charge will always be written on your receipt.
  • Each item is thoroughly examined while you observe, and we provide a detailed receipt with full descriptions of each item and any gemstones. Upon completion, Tom will personally review the repair with each client before delivery.

Timepiece Restoration:

  • We can restore estate and antique watches from the United States, Europe, and Russia, as well as modern watches from Switzerland, the United States, Japan, and China.
  • The types of watches we service include wristwatches, pocket watches, ring watches, pendant watches, and these may be constructed with costume metals, gold-filled and gold-plated metals, silver, gold or platinum with quartz, automatic or manual wind mechanical movements.
  • Although repair times may vary, simple battery replacements and water resistance and timing checks may be completed in as little as one business day.
  • Completion dates are always provided for each restoration.
  • Estimated repair costs are provided during your initial appointment, and are always confirmed in writing on your receipt. When requested, watchmaker cost estimates are usually available within 2-3 business days, and no work will be done until we receive your permission to proceed. Payment is due upon delivery.
  • We take time to discuss with each client his/her expectations of how their timepiece will perform after the repair is completed. REPAIRS WILL PROCEED ONLY IF YOUR WATCH CAN BE RESTORED AND THEN PERFORM TO YOUR EXPECTATIONS. This is especially important with restoration of older and/or more expensive timepieces.
  • We use parts and oils required by the manufacturer of your timepiece, unless such parts are not available. In such cases, we use generic parts of the same quality to those originally installed by the manufacturer. For older timepieces, we machine tool parts no longer available in the marketplace.
  • Warranty work must be performed by the manufacturer’s service center(s). For any work, regardless of age or condition, you may ask us to forward your watch directly to the manufacturer’s service center for their estimate. We will communicate the estimate to you, and receive your permission to proceed.
  • WE GUARANTEE WORK WE PERFORM FOR 2 YEARS. Exceptions to this guarantee are those commonly used by the watch making industry. Examples would be crystal breakage, damage to straps or problems with the case, movement or bracelet not part of our restoration.

Bead and Pearl Re-stringing:

Tom Tivol Jewels repairs broken beaded necklaces and can re-string necklaces for routine maintenance. Repairs can include supplying missing beads, clasp repair, re-stringing to different lengths and/or re-positioning beads to create a new design.

  • Re-stringing services for pearl bracelets and necklaces include a thorough cleaning of drill holes before the pearls are re-strung, usually with knots.
  • Tom Tivol Jewels uses only high-grade heavy nylon string for this process.
  • Often, pearl necklaces that have been worn for many years are “stretched,” leaving some visible spaces between beads. Before re-stringing, we estimate the shorter length of the necklace that will result once the repair is completed, and confirm with you your approval of the new length.
  • Pearls are always counted, the length of the necklace is noted, and the cost is written on your receipt.
  • Re-stringing of necklaces can generally be completed in about one week.

Repair of Chipped Gemstones and Damaged Jewelry:

Clients frequently bring us chipped gemstones and occasionally jewelry that has been damaged in an accident. We are often requested to prepare a damage report for the client and or his insurance company, if a claim is to be made. The damage report includes the following:

  • Origin and description of damage
  • Cost to restore; or, if restoration is not possible, cost to replace the stone or item
  • Quality of the gemstone before and after repair
  • Carat weight and dimension of the gemstone before and after repair
  • Value of the gemstone before and after repair
  • Time to repair or replace gemstone, once permission is provided by the adjuster

Once we complete repair and or restoration, we provide an appraisal so the newly restored item may be re-insured on the client’s fine arts policy. Please visit our Appraisal section for more information about the various types of appraisals Tom Tivol offers.

Jewelry Restyling:

At Tom Tivol Jewels, we are experts at restyling jewelry for our clients. Once we have a good understanding of how you like to wear jewelry, we then examine the pieces you wish to restyle, and begin our discussion of how to use the precious metals and gemstones to construct the pieces that would help you complete your collection.

The restyling process can proceed in several ways, including the presentation of finished jewelry as models, creation of original designs and/or the use of wax or silver to make models to try on.

Once we determine precisely how to create the new piece, we provide you with a written cost and due date. When completed, we present you with a professionally written insurance appraisal along with your new jewel.



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