B883: Carbon Fiber Hinged Bangle Bracelet; Center Oval Opening

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I was so excited to see this bracelet, I purchased it immediately.   The “oval hole” in the center is bordered by an angled gold-plate/sterling silver frame.  Our eyes go right to it.  We look into it first and see unending space beyond, and then around it to see the gold sheets roughly inlaid into the surface.  This is what design professors call “wow” design, interpreted like fine art in many ways by the wearer.  Its magnetic clasp, available in Europe, is extremely strong, yet easy to snap on and take off.  Once it is on, it stays there.

57.3 grams; carbon fiber; gold surface inlay; gold plate/sterling border around center opening; hinge and hidden magnetic clasp; 1 and 5/8ths inches wide at magnetic clasp.


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