Bronze Pierced Earrings with Kyanite, Lapis and Blue Topaz

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In the 21rst century, the blue gemstone kyanite proudly adorns lots of both casual and dressy jewelry. These earrings effortlessly display how the artist mixes gemstones with her matte finish and hammered texture bronze. Her kyanites are bright and deep blue and are held by 4 bronze prongs with matte finish and connected to the ear with posts and friction backs. The lapis balls rise over the surface of the long oval bronze dangling discs while the sparkling blue topaz are inset into the surface. The artist has used the repousse technique of metalsmithing to punch tiny holes through the reverse side and produce miniature bronze “boulders” across the rocky surface of these earrings. The earthy discs swing from the oval kyanites allowing the inlaid blue topaz to produce sparkling light as the wearer moves.

Bronze pierced earrings, 2 and 5/8ths inches long, set with the gemstones kyanite, lapis and blue topaz. The two oval cabochon cut gemstones atop are kyanites that exhibit a bright and deep blue color. Each kyanite measures about 10.1mm long by 8mm wide by 4mm deep.