E28:Carbon Fiber Axe-Shape Pierced Earrings

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The “curving axe” design for these sterling and carbon fiber pierced earrings is nothing less than fabulous. Look closely at the black carbon fiber and you will find the lines of light grey geometric figures that dance across its surface. The subtlety of this design is like finding a lost treasure. Once you find it, it is hard to disengage your eyes. Like all his jewelry art, Lu Pin has designed these so light weight as to be wearable all the time.

Black carbon fiber earring with long sterling silver hook for pierced ears; sterling diamond shape disc atop signed LuPinArt; 3 and 1/8th inches top to bottom; 2 and 7/16ths inches side o side; sterling rim; lines of light gray geometric houndstooth design figures peak through the black carbon fiber..


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