E475: Important Jadeite Jade, Onyx, Diamond Vintage Ear Clips

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I love these earrings, made about 1960, in the style of Art Deco jade ear clips.  The two deep green translucent oval jades exhibit the rich and vivid green that represents one of the rarer colors of natural Burmese jadeite.  In the world jade industry, the two oval jades are considered “A” quality, representing the difficult to find and comparatively rare green that is so desired throughout history.

Platinum, 8 rectangular cabochon black jades, 2 baguette diamonds, 4 rectangular cabochon green jades, and two double cabochon green oval jadeite jades, natural color, with no treatment; GIA report number 2211132172;  the two large jades measure 16.50mm by 11.70mm and 16.10mm by 12.10mm; the earrings measure 1 and 5/16ths inches from top to bottom, and are built with posts and omega backs.


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