N828: Jadeite Jade Necklace

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This is my lovely and easy-to-wear jade necklace. The apple green color is pretty and “calming,” the color of spring grass after a light rain. The jade beads are from the Moguk River Valley in Myanmar, and their color is natural rather than the dyed green jade so common in the world jewelry business. The beads show a light polish, just enough to reflect light up and down the strand. Jadeite is the rarer of the two jades comprising the jade kingdom. The second jade is called Nephrite. Both jades grow in similar colors, with the dark olive green variety limited to nephrite and the deep emerald green stones jadeite.

Jadeite jade beads; 13.74mm center to 6.16mm end; primarily light to medium striated apple green color; opaque; 14k yellow gold and jade bead flower petal plunger clasp with single side safety; 18 and ¼ inches long; strung with light green knots.


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