R1025: 18k Gold, Diamond & Amethyst Ring

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This is one of the finest African amethysts I own in my collection.  It exhibits that deep rosy violet color that is so highly prized, and almost flawless internally.  Looking down on the top, its appearance is like a clear deep reddish violet liquid, with four high quality sparkling round diamonds flanking.  I like to use 18k gold when I make rings with exceptionally fine color center gemstones.  The contrast between 18k gold and then gem creates visual luxury, as important to a relatively inexpensive amethyst as it is to an emerald, ruby or sapphire.

8.8 grams; 18k yellow gold; 4 round diamonds, 3.2mm, total .48 carat; one faceted transparent emerald cut amethyst, 12.16mm by 9.80mm by 7.03mm deep; intense and vivid rose-violet color;  6.15mm to 3.67mm wide bright polish shank.


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