R227: Platinum, Sapphire and Diamond Art Deco Reproduction Ring

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The Art Deco period of design, generally understood to last from 1925 into the 1930’s, has provided the world of art with many exciting shapes, colors and styles in architecture, sculpture, jewelry and all the fine arts. This ring is a modern adaption of a Deco ring. There are 12 cabochon cut fabulous blue sapphires, shaped as tears, and these surround the center gorgeous blue princess cut sapphire. In-between are four sets of five diamonds, each arranged in a 4 petal flower. The top of the ring curves very slightly as it connects with the platinum band, and lays perfectly flat across the top of one’s finger. Observe how each gemstone is surrounded by an incredibly delicate beaded border. This is special metalsmithing art. To design this ring, cut these gemstones and execute the design is a multi-month project. The result is a premier example of fine jewelry art.

950 Platinum; 13 sapphires; 20 round diamonds, total weight .12 carat.


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