R46:Antique Sterling “Cholla” Large Pierced earrings.

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These are stunning dangle pierced earrings. They seem so simple, until you start observing their intricate visual detail. The earrings are designed with boat-shape sections of curving wires that intersect at each pointed end, and then repeat whether you view the earring up and down or around its diameter. Especially exciting is the way the designer has graduated the diameter from wider at the top then coming to a point at the bottom. This fascinating geometric architecture causes the eye to move up and down as the wires descend. The interior is shaded with a dark antique finish while the surface of the curving wires is brushed with a soft matte finish.

5.5 grams sterling silver pierced earrings, curving Euro wires and protective backs on the reverse side. Earrings measure 2 and ½ inches from top to bottom. Grey antique finish applied on the reverse side while the surface of the wires exhibits a soft matte finish.


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