R69: 18k Yellow Gold Vermeil Mini Tripod Ring

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Here is another example of simple but elegant jewelry, showcasing the ability of the artist to carve a bit of nature out of precious metals and make it wearable from day to evening. This ring is constructed with 18k yellow gold vermeil (18k yellow gold over sterling), and is similar to the vermeil earrings showcased in my collection E000068. Although this ring has no center diamond, for me it can still be worn during the day and easily transitioned to a casual or dressy evening. It is the richness of the matte finish in contrast to the bright polish rims and the combination of bright polish and soft finish of the supporting band that defines this ring as fine jewelry.C28

18k yellow gold vermeil (18k yellow gold over sterling) ring with 3 concave pods from nature, each with internal matte finish and bright polish rims.


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