How to Upgrade Your Engagement Ring, Diamond Studs, and More

The 21st century has witnessed a substantial increase in the desire of couples to upgrade gemstone-based jewelry purchased at the outset and in the early years of marriage. While upgrading generally refers to the engagement ring diamond and or mounting, it also pertains to classic diamond studs as well as necklaces of the finer Japanese Akoya cultured pearls. In the case of diamonds, upgrading generally means increasing the carat weight accompanied by some change in the quality of the stone(s). For the ring itself, upgrading refers to a complete change of design, and for pearls, upgrading refers to purchasing both larger and finer necklaces of cultured pearls. Read more: How to Upgrade Your Jewelry

The Case For and Against Lab Grown Diamonds

A lab grown diamond is a true synthetic diamond. This means it has the same chemistry, optics and structure as a natural diamond; however it is grown in quantities in laboratories. Synthetic colored gemstones have been grown and sold since 1905 beginning with synthetic ruby, followed by synthetic sapphire in 1915, then synthetic emerald in 1946. In the 1970’s, synthetic turquoise, opal, alexandrite and quartz made their market debuts. Read more