N397:Yellow-Orange Oval Faceted Cubic Zirconia, 61.52 Carats, set in Fabricated Sterling Silver and Gold Pendant

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I have never seen a CZ that possesses as intense and vibrant a color as the finest precious topaz. Its color is vivid orange and vivid yellow, and it is on fire. The faceting, angles and proportions are so correct that this manufactured gemstone explodes tremendous amount of light to the eye. It is so beautiful it is difficult to turn away. I designed and fabricated the sterling and gold pendant mounting using four yellow gold prongs and a sterling basket with perforated flowers full around. I added a sterling bail with a safety catch. The pendant measures about 1 and ½ inches from the top of the bail to the bottom of the pendant. The CZ itself measures 13/16ths of an inch long and 11/16ths of an inch wide. This is a stunning and eye-catching jewel.

Oval faceted transparent cubic zirconia, 21.56mm by 17.98mm by 11.62mm, weight 61.52 carats; vivid orange-yellow color; sterling fabricated pendant mounting; 18.6 grams; triple strand sterling silver neck chain, 18 inches long, with 1 and ½ inches of extra rings for wearing the necklace longer. GIA Report 6173692783


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