R450: Stunning Red Spinel and Diamond Ring, Platinum and 18k Gold

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Spinel is one of the most important colored gemstones in Europe, Asia and South America. For the first 8 decades of the 20th century, only a few American jewelers sold this wonderful gemstone. Since then, its popularity has zoomed. The rarest spinels are very red. Because the finest stones imitate the color of much more expensive rubies, spinels have been mistaken for rubies over the centuries. Some have a slight orange cast modifying the red, and this color gives the gemstone beautiful visual warmth. I purchased this spinel from the miner who cut the stone in Myanmar (formerly Burma). The cutting is so fine, this spinel is literally “on fire” visually, it scintillates so much. I then created this lovely ring with a pair of matched colorless trapezoid diamonds flanking the center spinel. The diamonds are set in platinum; the balance of the ring is 18k yellow gold. This ring is a great example of classic ring design, using slightly different side stones. All 3 gemstones have G.I.A. identification and grading reports.

Oval faceted red spinel, 3.02 carats; G.I.A. Report 1172562698; two trapezoid diamonds; GIA reports 5171535502, .54 carat, H color, VS-2 clarity and 5171677082, .55 carats, G color, VS-2 clarity; platinum and 18k yellow gold.


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